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WoW a post

So another year has come and things have changed and things have stayed the same.

I figured I would post about something, so lets see what should I post about?

Well school starts next week on the 20th, which is also the same day we swear in a new President. And you all know its very Historic in the history of the U.S. I still think that the best person should of been a Minority Woman who wasn't Christian. Than you could of knocked all of the 1st out with one person. ^_^

Also speaking of school starting my course load isn't as bad as last semester, which I didn't do as well as I would of liked, but what you going to do. This semester I have lined up lots of interesting classes. Lets list them shall we?

Physical Chemistry 2 with a Lab
Inorganic Chemistry lab
Linear Algebra
I also start doing research with one of the Professors.

So I think it will be lots of fun. Yesterday I judged a Middle School science fair and that was fun. There were the lame projects of course and than some good ones. The one I liked was the kid you tried to create a storm in a box. He was able to get everything he needed to do it, but could get the pressure to drop so he failed, but the fact he tried was neat. I called him the mad scientist in the group. ^_^

Kat came and visited for the Holidays and that was fun, its a shame that she had to go. ;_; Oh well she graduates this May with a Masters, which means she wins our bet. Well I think that about wraps it up for me, I should post in here more often and I think I will.
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